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Real Estate Tips before Purchasing in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica real estate business is becoming popular among real estate investors, buyers and sellers. Investors invest in commercial as well as residential projects in Costa Rica real estate. They earn a huge profit on investment. Similarly baby boomers also coming to Costa Rica for spending retired life. Every year a lot of tourist came in Costa Rica to enjoy vacations. All this is because of Costa Rica’s natural beauty, democratic government, and peaceful environment. Costa Rica possesses some of the beautiful beaches, wildlife, waterfalls, rain forests and numerous thundering rivers, and excellent lakes for windsurfing and boating.

Before purchasing any property in Costa Rica you need to understand basic rules and regulations. Otherwise there is a chance of frauds and errors. I would like to share some basic tips that are necessary for every one want to purchase property in Costa Rica real estate.

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  • Make sure the property you are about to purchase in not part of a nation park or is subject to restricted use.
  • Make sure you know the real value of the property.
  • If you buy in a remote region make sure you can bring electricity to the land. This can be expensive. Also check to see if the water supply is good in the area.
  • Do not assume the seller or broker is trustworthy just because they speak English.
  • If buying in the city or near a major street check the noise level. Make sure there are no dance halls, bars or noisy buses.
  • Do not rely on a verbal contract if you decide to make an offer. Get everything in writing.
  • Check out your neighbors. There is nothing worse than buying property and finding out later you had bad neighbors.
  • If buying in the city it is extremely important to be familiar with the neighborhood where you decide to buy. Make sure you are not buying in a crime-ridden area.
  • If you purchase a home, have an engineer make sure it is structurally sound. Also, check the plumbing, wiring, roof for leaks, water pressure and septic or sewage system.
  • If you purchase raw land, be sure to get a soil sample and hire an engineer, especially if your lot has been cut out of a hillside.

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These are the some precautionary measures you must follow before purchasing any property in Costa Rica real estate. For buying or selling property in Costa Rica you are advised to use the services of real estate broker or agent. Real estate agents have all the knowledge about market trends, current market situation and property listings. 

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