Friday, June 1, 2012

Lifestyles in Costa Rica

Costa Rica belongs to third world country of United States. It means that it is little bit behind in development as compared to other countries like New York, Mexico, Argentina etc. But its not the case. Yet, if you visit this small country you do not feel you are in an under developed one.

Real Estate In Costa RicaCosta Rica has all the modern day needs and requirements. From modern shopping centers, first class hospitals, adventure tours and great medical care to everything.  For this reason Costa Rica real estate has great importance and attracted large number of tourists every year. Real Estate business in Costa Rica has changed into profitable business. In these days different Costa Rica real estate agencies are active in this area and they entertained people coming in Costa Rica by offering different opportunities to explore CR. They offer rent a property like houses, villas or condos and also deals in buying and selling of property in Costa Rica. People prefer staying in CR because the rates are reasonable as compared to other areas of America. Similarly the tax rates, investment terms and conditions and other property ownership laws are also very lenient and easy to follow.

To live in Costa Rica like a king or queen, you require of $6,000 a month.  That is if you want to be considered a millionaire. With that kind of money you may rent a nice furnished apartment in a condo with a swimming pool, buy imported food products, fill your 4x4, and send your kids to a nice school. So cost of living in Costa Rica is small as compared to other countries.

Climate is divided into two different parts depending upon the elevation. The lowland areas have dry weather and temperature is around 26 Celsius and highland areas have foggy and misty weather and temperature is about 13 Celsius and main central valley has about 22 Celsius temperature. Costa Rica real estate agencies have their lots, villas and houses in all these areas to fulfill the requirement of their customers. Tourists enjoy fishing, boating, windsurfing and many other sports here in Costa Rica.
Tourism In Costa Rica
Some hot spots for tourists inCosta Rica includes Guanacaste, the jungle-covered coastline of northwest Costa Rica, is attracting some heavy hitters. The latest residential project to come online in Guanacaste is the Hyatt Regency Azulera Resort & Spa, an eco-resort with Michael Graves-designed condo units and a Greg Norman golf course.

I conclude by saying it that Costa is considered as Paradise for nature lovers and tourists. Costa Rica Real Estate is a best business for investor. They earn a lot by investing small capital. 

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  1. Costa Rica is staying way ahead of Panama, Nicaragua and Ecuador for lifestyles. Costa Rica real estate is more expensive but the quality of the construction and finishes are way better.

    1. The life style in Costa Rica that has been described by you is not only useful but also very informative. Thanks for sharing information