Monday, June 4, 2012

Costa Rica Real Estate Investment

Costa Rica real estate is becoming profitable business now a days. Different investors invest money in Costa Rica in search of high out return. As the real estate markets in the US and other developed countries become saturated and slow down, people are looking to make investments in new markets where they can get in at the beginning of the real estate boom which is when the real big money is made.

Living Costa RicaThere are many reasons why people prefer to invest in Costa Rica. The top one is its immense natural beauty. This area possesses some of the beautiful beaches, wildlife, waterfalls, rain forests and numerous thundering rivers, and excellent lakes for windsurfing and boating. Therefore tourists and nature lovers love this area and want to spend vacations in Costa Rica. Second is its stable government. This country has the most stable government. So investors have not any fear of losing investment due to instability of government. Third one is the wise financial policies it has implemented in order to boost the local economy. Real estate investment tax laws and conditions are pro business and allow for any investor, whether local or foreign to make money through buying and selling real estate.

When selling real estate in Costa Rica there is a standard tax of 1.5% of the value of the property imposed. In addition to this there are various stamps that need to accompany the final title deed which end up costing about another 1% of the recorded real estate value on Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Real EstateCosta Rica recently signed Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), so investments in the business sector are likely to increase. Most Costa Rica real estate is registered with the Public Registry through a computer system known as the Folio Real. Investors should perform a title search in the Folio Real before considering any property purchase. The title search can also be done at the Public Registry office in San Jose (Capital of Costa Rica).  Different websites and blogs of Costa Rica real estate are also live on internet  where many buyers and sellers from all over the world communicate with each other and real estate agencies guides them properly about all the issues and give them information regarding investment in this area.

If anyone has handsome amount of money and wants to invest in business then it is great chance for him to invest in Costa Rica real estate business. This would help him in getting high profit. This would results in achieving business goals and requirements.

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