Monday, June 11, 2012

Baby Boomers Are Buying Real Estate And Retiring In Costa Rica

All About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is translates literally as “Rich Coast”. It is truly an incredible paradise. This country is the second smallest country in Central America. Costa Rica has national parks which are highly protected by Costa Rican authorities. Costa Rica is famous for its ecotourism. The country has a stunning variety of landscapes, micro climates, and flora and fauna, and nature lovers will not be disappointed by the superb wildlife viewing.

There are only two seasons in Costa Rica: the dry and the rainy. Both times of year are blessed with an abundance of sunshine, even in the rainy season, which primarily refers to having an afternoon shower. 

According to National Geographic, Costa Rica's Central Valley Area is purportedly one of the best climates in the world.

Even those who are fortunate enough to live in warm weather areas like Florida or Southern California, dislike their fast-paced lifestyles. Costa Rica really fits the bill for retiring Baby Boomers anyone who are sick of hustle and bustle and wants to live in a country with a more laid-back way of life. Costa Rica will remind you of the U.S. about 40 years ago when everything was unspoiled, unhurried and uncrowded.
Baby Boomers In Costa Rica
Costa Rica is a unique tropical retirement paradise which offers gentle breezes, stunning scenery with sun-soaked shores and beautiful beaches, spectacular mountains. tropical rainforests, seven active and 60 dormant volcanoes, mountain forests, 9,000 species of plants including 1,400 species of orchids, exotic animals and abundant national parks.

Costa Rica is conveniently nestled peacefully between the warm waters of the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean and offers Baby Boomers a wide variety of choices to retire. We can decide to retire in developed and undeveloped mountain areas or coastal properties, forests or ranches, city apartments or country cabins, beachfront condominiums or farms producing vanilla, pepper, coffee, orchids and lumber...even European-style castles are available to those with the means.

Costa Rica stands alone because it boasts the warmth and flavor of Mexico, without the anti-Americanism and fear of expropriations, the physical beauty of Guatemala without a large military presence and climate of fear, the sophistication and flavor of Brazil without the abject poverty or violent crime and more winter sunshine than Hawaii or Florida with fewer people.

Add to all this a peaceful democratic nation with this political stability and its friendly people who truly love and emulate Americans, it is easy to see why Costa Rica is a true paradise for retiring Baby Boomers.

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