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Real Estate Investment Strategies

Financial markets can go up and down with the passage of time. When market goes up, everyone is happy with the situation. When it is go down, this is the bad time on real estate investors. Investors who use wrong investment strategy are the big victims of down market. They bought the property and they didn’t even know current market trends and property values.

Investments in real estate business want a complete and comprehensive strategy based on basic rules of advertising of property. Investor should build an advertising strategy such that maximum people have access to property. This is done by giving ads on internet on different websites. Online blogs and forums are also means of advertising property where people communicate with each other and discuss the issues regarding property rates. So investor should focus on a beneficial and useful advertising strategy that yields a profitable deal by generating motivated leads.

Costa Rica Real EstateCosta Rica real estate business is increasing day by day. Developers, investors invest money in commercial projects and private individual properties. Houses, condos, villas are the private properties. Golf resorts, restaurants, beach properties, farms are commercial projects. People want to sell properties advertise it on internet by following rules of advertising strategies get a huge profit. Bad investors who don’t have an idea about current market situation suffer a lot by using bad strategies. Successful real estate investors have strategy that works in both cases whether the market goes up or down.

The perfect strategy for real estate investing in any market does the following:
  1.       Provide income on a monthly basis as well as when you sell.
  2.       Allows you to hold the investment indefinitely regardless of economic conditions
  3.       Allows you to still take advantage of appreciation when the market increases.
  4.       Insulates your investment property value in economic down turns.

Travel Costa Rica
At last I would say if investors made investing strategies by keeping in mind the key points then it would help them in business career. Similarly if your investing strategy has to be in tune with the life style you desire then it will surely beneficial for you as investor.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Costa Rica Real Estate Investment

Costa Rica is a world known country in Central America for vacations, investment and retirement. It is known for its wonderful sites and beautiful beaches. Besides this, it also possesses green lush areas, rain forests, wildlife, waterfalls and extra ordinary weather. People from whole America come to Costa Rica to enjoy vacations. Natural beauty, pure life, stable economic condition, low crime rate are some features of Costa Rica.
The country has seven provinces. The capital is San Jose. People enjoy different climates in Costa Rica. Weather is tropical and subtropical i.e. Dry season (December to April); rainy season (May to November).The official language is Spanish. Constitutional democratic government system is present.

Investment in Costa Rica is major real estate business. It is divided into two parts. Investment in small projects and in commercial projects. Beach properties, home for sale, Condos, farms, mountain properties and vacation rentals are some properties in Costa Rica. A small family prefers to buy a small house in this area while business owners invest in large projects. They get a high out return by investing in these projects. Golf areas, resorts, restaurants and motels are the examples of commercial real estate projects. Costa Rica land investment has seen average gains of 30% per year for 10 years and many investors in the right location have doubled or tripled their investments quickly and continue to do so.

Costa Rica real estate agencies are the private companies deal in property issues. They act as a bridge between buyers, sellers and investors. If anyone wants to buy property then he contact with respective agency. The agencies guide him about the current market trends regarding property values, ownership laws. Sellers also contact them for selling their houses, condos etc.

With the advancement of technology investment business in Costa Rica is increasing day by day. Websites, online discussion forums, blogs are the platforms where people from all over the world communicate each other and discuss about investment in Costa Rica. Due to this, people save time and money. Buyers and sellers bargain with each other and take help from Cost Rica Real Estate agents. Bank loans are available for investors. By taking loan they complete their business requirement and transactions.

At the end if you have the plan to invest your money and you are in search of high profit then make up your mind and start investing in Cost Rica and stay connected with the Cost Rica Real Estate. I ensure you that this is the best decision you have ever made. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Costa Rica commercial real estate trends

Commercial real estate includes investment in huge projects. These projects include building of restaurants, golf courses, resorts etc. In Costa Rica commercial real estate is turned into a strong and profitable business. Many well known investors are now a part of Costa Rica in the form of their investment. Beside this many people combined together to make a group and invest money in this business.

In these days commercial real estate in Costa Rica is the leading resource for office space, warehouses, virtual office, and development land. Real estate agencies offer sale packages for beach development property, luxury condominiums at different rate like $15,000,000 USD and $199,000 USD for beach property and condominiums respectively. Normal trends are investment in golf courses, condos, office lands.

The Government of Costa Rica is taking keen interest in real estate business in its country. Costa Rica recently signed Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), so investments in the business sector are likely to increase. According to this agreement investors from all over the Central America come to Costa Rica independently and take part in property business. In Costa Rica, both buyers and sellers of local and international descent generally have a concept of the way things are done here, and they love to watch as real estate agencies overwhelms them with service, attention to detail, professionalism and builds a relationship with clients that lasts well beyond any transaction.

With the advancement of technology the real estate business expands. Different agencies build their websites and blogs where they share updates regarding any property issues in Costa Rica. Similarly online forums and communities are also live on internet where buyers, sellers, investors and agents can communicate each other discuss the new trends of business. It will help them in their decisions for investing in this area.

The question arise why someone invest in Costa Rica? The answer lies in the fact that it is the most safe and beautiful part of the Central America having very low crime rate as compared to other countries of United States. American’s CIA declared it is among the top 5 best real estate investments. The tax rates, investment terms and conditions and other property ownership laws are also very lenient and easy to follow.  Costa Rica land investment has seen average gains of 30% per year for 10 years and many investors in the right location have doubled or tripled their investments quickly and continue to do so.

For high out return on investment and high profit I suggest to invest in Costa Rica commercial real estate projects. The loan facility is also available to complete business transactions. It will help a lot to investors to continue their business without a fear of finance problems.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Costa Rica Facts

Official Name
Republic of Costa Rica  
Pura Vida (Full Of Life)
San Jose(1.416 Billions)
Official Language
Regional Languages
Mekatelyu, Bribri
Constitutional Democracy
2 colors
Laura Chinchilla
Independence From:
Unite States

Sept 15 1821
July 1st 1823
March 21 1847
Recognized By Spain
May 10 1850
November  7 1949
Water (%)
51, 100 km2 (128th)
0.7 %( 40 Sq/km
84 /km2
220 Sp/mi
Per Capita
51.166 Billion Dollar
11,215 Dollar
Costa Rican Colon
Time Zone
Internet TLD
Calling Code
Geographical Coordinate
10 00N, 84 00 West
Land Boundaries
639 Km
Border Countries
Nicaragua 309 Km, Panama 330 Km
Coast Line
1290 Km

Natural Resource
Hydro Power
Natural Hazards
Occasional Earth Quake, Hurricans Along Atlantic Oceans, Frequently Flooding
Deforestation & Land Use Change
Cattle Ranching
Soil Erosions
Coastal Marine Pollution
Fisheries Protection
Ethnic Group
94% white, 3 % Black, 1 % American, 1% Chinese, 1 %Other
Roman Catholic 76.3%, Evangilacal 13.7%, Jehovah,s Witnesses 1.3%, Other Protestant 0.7%
Age Structure:
0-14 Years
15-64 Years
65 Years Or Over

According To 2011
24.6 % ( Male 574, 876/ Female 549, 664)
69.1 % ( Male 1,588, 940/ Female 1,571, 573)
6.4 % ( Male 135, 071 / Female 156 492)
Population Growth Rate
Birth Rate
Death Rate
1.288 %
16.4 Births/ 1000 Population
4.38 Death/ 1000 Population

7 (San Jose, Aljuela, Cartago, Guanacaste, Heredia, Limon, Puntarenas)
Independence Day
15 September 1821
Water ways
Ports & Terminals

38,049 Km
730 Km
Caldera, Puerto Limon

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Costa Rica Real Estate Trends: Social Networking and Real Estate

Costa Rica Real Estate Trends: Social Networking and Real Estate: Remember the good old days when you could make some useful contacts, get referrals and meet prospective clients through events like your kid...

Social Networking and Real Estate

Costa Rica Social MediaRemember the good old days when you could make some useful contacts, get referrals and meet prospective clients through events like your kids, dinners with neighbors or even casual lunch dates with friends? Fortunately some of these things still exist and prove to be extremely useful for gaining new clients for your real estate business. However, people are becoming less social offline and more social online. What does this mean for you and your real estate business?

Most likely by now you have felt the impact of the social networking phenomenon on the real estate industry. Agents everywhere are using websites like Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn and various other networking portals for everything from advertising listings to sharing their favorite things.

Many would agree that social media is emerging as one of the easiest forms of marketing for standard retail products and services, but what about the big purchases? Let’s first take a look at a couple websites that are two present day examples that prove this trend Face book and LinkedIn.

-Face book: has quickly become one of the largest social networking sites in the world with over 100 million users. Started by a college kid (now a multi-millionaire), Face book has grown from a simple college leisure site to one of the most powerful, far reaching social networks on the web.

You can join as many communities at Face book, to which you are target for. Either the keyword is relevant to any kind of business like: Costa Rica Real Estate

Facebook Vs Linkedin

-LinkedIn: also started with humble beginnings, but has grown to become the largest business networking site in its domain. LinkedIn allows professionals from all industries to network with like-minded professionals and/or network to find new jobs or employees.

LinkedIn gives you the option of listing your webpages within your profile and you also have the option to add the link using ‘anchor text’ which search engines love. In case you are wondering what ‘anchor text’ is…it’s when a link to your page is hidden behind relevant keyword text like: Costa Rica Real Estate

You are keeping current with these web marketing trends and have already been taking advantage of these networks. Now, what if I asked you how your Twitter or Friend Feed accounts are doing? Or how many of your Flicker or TwitPic photos have penetrated your market? Or even, how many views have your YouTube or WellcomeMat videos received in the past month? Starting to feel behind the times?

With over 85% of real estate transactions starting online, your prospective clients are on the web. Whether they are doing searches on Google, conversing with friends on Face book or watching community videos on WellcomeMat, people looking to buy, sell or invest in real estate flock to the Internet to gather as much information as possible before making one of the largest financial transactions of their lifetime.

At the end I must say that real estate marketers should not jump ship on social media just yet. Social media glory has come and gone with small businesses and retail; however, recent technological advances hint that real estate may just be entering its time in the sun.
Costa Rica Real Estate
Costa Rica Real Estate

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tips To have Good Real Estate Broker

Costa Rica is no where different than any other country when it comes to Real Estate. In the early 2000 the hype of the countries cheap property, relaxing and eco-friendly environment sparked real estate boom.

Costa Rica is being marketed by the media in the states as the place for boomer retirement and now the hot spot in the world for real estate. Retirees are advised to use the services of a real estate broker to buy or sell their retirement, any property in Costa Rica or Costa Rica Real Estate .

Below are more tips to help retirees and others on find a good real estate broker in Costa Rica Real Estate:

Ask for references:

Satisfied customers are a good sign that a broker is doing his or her job. Request contacts for a few and ring them up. Be sure to ask what the customer didn’t like about the broker as well. Google the agent’s name and see what comes up.

Demand residency:

Ask that agent to show you their Costa Rican (ID) or work permit. Ask how long the agent has lived in Costa Rica (5-7 years minimum). Costa Rica has a history of so-called “tail-gate realtors,” or foreigners that parachute in, sell a few properties while here on a tourist visa, and leave whenever they want.

Go bicultural:

Most brokers can spit out a few words of Spanish, and some speak fairly well. The ideal broker, however, understands both the language and the culture, or has teamed up with another broker who does.


Communication is a key component of the relationship between a homeowner and an agent. If the communication isn’t there, the relationship won’t work. So if your agent doesn’t return your phone calls in a timely fashion or disappears without warning for weeks at a time, you should probably find someone else.

Stay local:

Pick a broker who specializes in the area where you want to buy. Since there is no MLS in Costa Rica, local connections are very important, especially if you’re looking for raw land.

Shop around:

You wouldn’t buy the first car you test drive, and you shouldn’t go with the first broker you lay eyes on. Talk to at least two or three. They can be found on the Internet, in local offices, in real estate guides, recommendations and in the resource section of this book.

Brand isn’t everything:

All the big U.S. real estate brands are in Costa Rica: Century 21, ReMAX, ERA, Coldwell Banker. Remember, though, that just because brokers have offices with fancy signs don’t mean they know what they’re doing.

If you follow this advise when selecting a real estate agent you will increase the chances of investing safely and most likely profitably in your retirement dream home, property or in Costa Rica Real Estate.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Boomers In Costa rica real Estate

Costa Rica Real Estate
Costa Rica is truly an incredible paradise. This country is the second smallest country in Central America. Costa Rica has national parks which are highly protected by Costa Rican authorities. Costa Rica is famous for its ecotourism. The country has a stunning variety of landscapes, micro climates, and flora and fauna, and nature lovers will not be disappointed by the superb wildlife viewing.

Costa Rica has been touted as one of the top retirement heavens in the world. One of the most effective steps Baby Boomers can take to live better on a fixed income is to relocate to an area where the cost of living is less.

Boomers in CostaRica Tours is Costa Rica's premiere retirement and real estate tour!  The tour focuses on helping baby boomers and others learn everything about moving to and living in Costa Rica (full time or part time), finding great communities to live in, and locating affordable, high quality Costa Rica Real Estate while avoiding the many pitfalls inherent in buying foreign Costa Rica Real Estate.
There are sone points which reveal the facts about Why do baby boomers consider retiring overseas?

  • A new start:  Retirement is a major life event, right up there with marriage, a first child, and yes, divorce. It’s a time to reassess, reinvent, transform and generally start a new life.
  • Change of environment: Maybe suburban living has lost its appeal. What about moving to a city, or maybe a small town in a country with a slower pace of life?
  • Change of climate: Many retirees have lost their tolerance of wintry or perhaps rainy climate.  Retiring overseas often means no winter and abundant sunshine.
  • Change of lifestyle: Retirement is an opportunity to pursue hobbies or interests. Living overseas offers opportunities to enjoy your interests often at a more affordable cost.
  • Adventure: By retiring overseas you’ll get to explore and enjoy an entirely different country. It is very appealing  to some to imagine waking up every day to a new life.

It is expected that a large number of upcoming Baby Boomer retirees will move to less expensive areas to stretch their meager retirement income. Among the likely actions foreseen are:

  • For Boomers that have equity in their current homes, many will invest their sales proceeds rather than purchase a new home in a relocated area.
  • More Boomers deciding – or forced - to rent rather than purchase downsized accommodations.
  • A good percentage of Boomers will relocate south of the border to countries like Mexico, Panama and Costa Rica where a comfortable lifestyle can be maintained on a low fixed income.

Boomers will seek to avoid areas with high housing costs or which are dependent upon expensive fuels for heating and traveling. Inexpensive housing solutions, such as co-ops, prefabricated homes and senior mobile home parks are expected to benefit from this demographic migration.
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Investment In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful, socialized and welfare country of Central America. It is situated to just south of Nicaragua and north of Panama. This country is different from other countries of Central America and even Latin America because of its natural beauty, stable economic system, social welfare system and parliamentary democracy. This area possesses some of the gorgeous sites, beautiful beaches, rain forests, wildlife, waterfalls, greenery areas, turning rivers etc. The period between 1950 to 1970 is said to be golden era in the history of Costa Rica. During this period there is a huge development in every field of life like trade, exports, agriculture etc. The export of coffee was increased by 3 times in that span. Other exported commodities are sugar, banana and meat. In that time the literacy rate of Costa Rica was about 90% and unemployment was only 5%. Now a day’s Costa Rica is converted into a profitable real estate business. Due to the arrival of large international hotel chains and concentration on tourism by the Costa Rican government, this area attracts large number of people from all over the world to come to CR for spending vacations. Costa Rica real estate agencies entertain them by offering different packages like rent a house, villas or condos and buying and selling of property in Costa Rica. Some people are shifted in this area for permanent settlement and many others just come for enjoying their holidays. Climate is divided into two different parts depending upon the elevation. The lowland areas have dry weather and temperature is around 26 Celsius and highland areas have foggy and misty weather and temperature is about 13 Celsius and main central valley has about 22 Celsius temperature. Costa Rica real estate agencies have their lots, villas and houses in all these areas to fulfill the requirement of their customers. Tourists enjoy fishing, boating, windsurfing and many other sports here in Costa Rica. Investment in this area increases day by day. This includes commercial real estate investment like building golf areas, motels, restaurants and buying and selling of property. People prefer investing in Costa Rica real estate because they get high out return on their investment. Similarly this area has low crime rate as compared to other parts of Central America and the residents of Costa Rica are kind and polite to everyone. At the end I would say if anyone has handsome amount of money and he want to invest in real estate business then he should invest in Costa Rica real estate and keep in contact with the Costa Rica real estate agencies for latest updates in this area regarding property issues and real estate.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why Costa Rica Real Estate?

Costa Rica is one of the most wonderful country of Central America and called as a paradise for tourist and nature lovers. It is situated just south of Nicaragua and north of Panama. It is known for its green lush areas, beautiful beaches, rain forests, wildlife, waterfalls and extra ordinary weather. This area attracts number of tourists and people from all over the world to spend their vacations in this area and make their holidays full of fun and enjoyment.

Costa Rica Real Estate
This area is divided in different climatic zones depending upon the elevation. Lowland areas have dry weather and temperature is around 26 Celsius and highland areas have foggy and misty weather and temperature is about 13 Celsius. Whereas the temperature of central valley is 22 Celsius. The capital of Costa Rica is San Jose and some other countries include Puerto Limon, Alajuela, Paraiso. All these countries are enrich with natural beauty.

Real Estate business in Costa Rica has changed into profitable business. In these days different Costa Rica Real Estate agencies are active in this area and they entertained people coming in Costa Rica by offering different opportunities to explore CR. They offer rent a property like houses, villas or condos and also deals in buying and selling of property in Costa Rica. People prefer staying in CR because the rates and fares are reasonable as compared to other areas of America. Similarly the tax rates, investment terms and conditions and other property ownership laws are also very lenient and easy to follow.

Costa Rica Real Estate agencies are also present on internet. People want to come to CR visit their websites and understand all the information regarding this area. Many blogs and forums on Costa Rica Real Estate are also present on Web where people discuss the issues of selling and purchasing the property in CR.

As far as the commercial Real Estate in Costa Rica is concerned it is also increasing day by day.  Large number of group of people together invest their money in huge projects like building Golf area, constructing restaurants and motels etc form where they get high out returns.
At last I would say that if you have the plan to invest your money and you are in search of high profit then make up your mind and start investing inCost Rica and stay connected with the Cost Rica Real Estate. I ensure you that this is the best decision you will make.