Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Costa Rica commercial real estate trends

Commercial real estate includes investment in huge projects. These projects include building of restaurants, golf courses, resorts etc. In Costa Rica commercial real estate is turned into a strong and profitable business. Many well known investors are now a part of Costa Rica in the form of their investment. Beside this many people combined together to make a group and invest money in this business.

In these days commercial real estate in Costa Rica is the leading resource for office space, warehouses, virtual office, and development land. Real estate agencies offer sale packages for beach development property, luxury condominiums at different rate like $15,000,000 USD and $199,000 USD for beach property and condominiums respectively. Normal trends are investment in golf courses, condos, office lands.

The Government of Costa Rica is taking keen interest in real estate business in its country. Costa Rica recently signed Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), so investments in the business sector are likely to increase. According to this agreement investors from all over the Central America come to Costa Rica independently and take part in property business. In Costa Rica, both buyers and sellers of local and international descent generally have a concept of the way things are done here, and they love to watch as real estate agencies overwhelms them with service, attention to detail, professionalism and builds a relationship with clients that lasts well beyond any transaction.

With the advancement of technology the real estate business expands. Different agencies build their websites and blogs where they share updates regarding any property issues in Costa Rica. Similarly online forums and communities are also live on internet where buyers, sellers, investors and agents can communicate each other discuss the new trends of business. It will help them in their decisions for investing in this area.

The question arise why someone invest in Costa Rica? The answer lies in the fact that it is the most safe and beautiful part of the Central America having very low crime rate as compared to other countries of United States. American’s CIA declared it is among the top 5 best real estate investments. The tax rates, investment terms and conditions and other property ownership laws are also very lenient and easy to follow.  Costa Rica land investment has seen average gains of 30% per year for 10 years and many investors in the right location have doubled or tripled their investments quickly and continue to do so.

For high out return on investment and high profit I suggest to invest in Costa Rica commercial real estate projects. The loan facility is also available to complete business transactions. It will help a lot to investors to continue their business without a fear of finance problems.

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