Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tips To have Good Real Estate Broker

Costa Rica is no where different than any other country when it comes to Real Estate. In the early 2000 the hype of the countries cheap property, relaxing and eco-friendly environment sparked real estate boom.

Costa Rica is being marketed by the media in the states as the place for boomer retirement and now the hot spot in the world for real estate. Retirees are advised to use the services of a real estate broker to buy or sell their retirement, any property in Costa Rica or Costa Rica Real Estate .

Below are more tips to help retirees and others on find a good real estate broker in Costa Rica Real Estate:

Ask for references:

Satisfied customers are a good sign that a broker is doing his or her job. Request contacts for a few and ring them up. Be sure to ask what the customer didn’t like about the broker as well. Google the agent’s name and see what comes up.

Demand residency:

Ask that agent to show you their Costa Rican (ID) or work permit. Ask how long the agent has lived in Costa Rica (5-7 years minimum). Costa Rica has a history of so-called “tail-gate realtors,” or foreigners that parachute in, sell a few properties while here on a tourist visa, and leave whenever they want.

Go bicultural:

Most brokers can spit out a few words of Spanish, and some speak fairly well. The ideal broker, however, understands both the language and the culture, or has teamed up with another broker who does.


Communication is a key component of the relationship between a homeowner and an agent. If the communication isn’t there, the relationship won’t work. So if your agent doesn’t return your phone calls in a timely fashion or disappears without warning for weeks at a time, you should probably find someone else.

Stay local:

Pick a broker who specializes in the area where you want to buy. Since there is no MLS in Costa Rica, local connections are very important, especially if you’re looking for raw land.

Shop around:

You wouldn’t buy the first car you test drive, and you shouldn’t go with the first broker you lay eyes on. Talk to at least two or three. They can be found on the Internet, in local offices, in real estate guides, recommendations and in the resource section of this book.

Brand isn’t everything:

All the big U.S. real estate brands are in Costa Rica: Century 21, ReMAX, ERA, Coldwell Banker. Remember, though, that just because brokers have offices with fancy signs don’t mean they know what they’re doing.

If you follow this advise when selecting a real estate agent you will increase the chances of investing safely and most likely profitably in your retirement dream home, property or in Costa Rica Real Estate.

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