Monday, March 12, 2012

Boomers In Costa rica real Estate

Costa Rica Real Estate
Costa Rica is truly an incredible paradise. This country is the second smallest country in Central America. Costa Rica has national parks which are highly protected by Costa Rican authorities. Costa Rica is famous for its ecotourism. The country has a stunning variety of landscapes, micro climates, and flora and fauna, and nature lovers will not be disappointed by the superb wildlife viewing.

Costa Rica has been touted as one of the top retirement heavens in the world. One of the most effective steps Baby Boomers can take to live better on a fixed income is to relocate to an area where the cost of living is less.

Boomers in CostaRica Tours is Costa Rica's premiere retirement and real estate tour!  The tour focuses on helping baby boomers and others learn everything about moving to and living in Costa Rica (full time or part time), finding great communities to live in, and locating affordable, high quality Costa Rica Real Estate while avoiding the many pitfalls inherent in buying foreign Costa Rica Real Estate.
There are sone points which reveal the facts about Why do baby boomers consider retiring overseas?

  • A new start:  Retirement is a major life event, right up there with marriage, a first child, and yes, divorce. It’s a time to reassess, reinvent, transform and generally start a new life.
  • Change of environment: Maybe suburban living has lost its appeal. What about moving to a city, or maybe a small town in a country with a slower pace of life?
  • Change of climate: Many retirees have lost their tolerance of wintry or perhaps rainy climate.  Retiring overseas often means no winter and abundant sunshine.
  • Change of lifestyle: Retirement is an opportunity to pursue hobbies or interests. Living overseas offers opportunities to enjoy your interests often at a more affordable cost.
  • Adventure: By retiring overseas you’ll get to explore and enjoy an entirely different country. It is very appealing  to some to imagine waking up every day to a new life.

It is expected that a large number of upcoming Baby Boomer retirees will move to less expensive areas to stretch their meager retirement income. Among the likely actions foreseen are:

  • For Boomers that have equity in their current homes, many will invest their sales proceeds rather than purchase a new home in a relocated area.
  • More Boomers deciding – or forced - to rent rather than purchase downsized accommodations.
  • A good percentage of Boomers will relocate south of the border to countries like Mexico, Panama and Costa Rica where a comfortable lifestyle can be maintained on a low fixed income.

Boomers will seek to avoid areas with high housing costs or which are dependent upon expensive fuels for heating and traveling. Inexpensive housing solutions, such as co-ops, prefabricated homes and senior mobile home parks are expected to benefit from this demographic migration.
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