Monday, June 25, 2012

Productive Tips To buy Costa Rica Real Estate

This article is meant to give you some general tips on buying Costa Rica properties to help you make the right choice when buying your dream home in Costa Rica.

Tips to Investing in real estate and buying a home in Costa Rica:
  • Define a cohesive strategy: in talking with your real estate agent, define your needs according to your budget.
  • Develop a basic understanding of Costa Rican real estate law. Your agent and your attorney will help enlighten you on the subject (see tips below).
  • Familiarize yourself with local market conditions: Costa Rica real estate listings with your agent in order to compare products and prices.
  • Once a property has been identified, contact a reputable real estate attorney.
  • Start and conclude purchase with the help of your agent, the office's broker, and your attorney (see resume at the bottom).

Your Costa Rica real estate investment is not something you want to leap into blindfolded. There's too much money involved and too many things can go wrong. Here are a few places to look into before you leap.
Things must considering to buying land in Costa Rica:
  1. There is no nationwide Multiple Listing Service in Costa Rica so trying to establish even a rough idea of what property is worth can be difficult.
  2. Do not send money before visiting the plot of land and verifying legal details.
  3. Remember real estate laws are different in Costa Rica than the United States.
  4. While many people in Costa Rica speak English, all legal documents are in Spanish. Take the necessary steps to understand what the documents say.
  5. Make sure the real estate agent you are working with comes recommended and has verifiable references. If the agent is an American, make sure he or she is licensed in Costa Rica to work in real estate.
These are the basics that a purchaser follows when buying a property in Costa Rica.

Step 1: Sign an Option to Purchase with Seller.

Step 2: Deposit 5-10% of the purchase price with Escrow Company,or approved attorney's escrow account, or in some 100% safe cases-directly with the Seller. Please remember that wire transfers from the States typically take 2-5 business days.

Step 3: Title research performed by an approved Notary Public-Lawyer and/or Title Company attorneys.  In Costa Rica all notaries must be attorneys, and are registered with the Bar Association, ( Colegio de Abogados.)

Step 4: Closing with final transfer of funds, execution of Transfer Deed, Endorsement of Shares and/or Mortgage Deed.

Step 5: Register new owner with Public Registry (Registro Nacional). In about 6 weeks, receive official Title and guaranty (if purchased).

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