Friday, June 22, 2012

Costa Rica Property to invest or live in

If you are thinking of buying property, then you should consider buying property in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is very beautiful country of Central America and is situated just south of Nicaragua and north of Panama. This country possesses some of the beautiful beaches, wildlife, waterfalls, rain forests and numerous thundering rivers, and excellent lakes for windsurfing and boating. The prices of property are currently still inexpensive but rising rapidly.

costa rica real estateFor most foreigners the main beach development areas that are worth considering for retirement and/or vacation homes can be found in Guanacaste areas such as Flamingo, Junquillal, and Tamarindo. The Central Pacific beach areas around the towns of Jaco Beach, Quepos and Manuel Anotonio are also attractive. This Central Pacific area has great potential, as it is much closer to the Central Valley and San Jose. The new Villa Col√≥n-Orotina and Quepos-Dominacal highways will have a huge effect on real estate values in this area, as it will reduce driving time to the Central and South Pacific areas.

Real estate business is the main business of Costa Rica. There are no restrictions on foreigners owning real estate in Costa Rica but buyers must do their due diligence when considering a particular property. Just as elsewhere, ensuring the title to an acquired property is clean and clear is of paramount importance. In addition, one must be aware of some of the limitations that apply to properties in certain areas. "There are government imposed restrictions on how close to the high water mark a person may own land or build. Also, legally speaking, all beaches are open to the public. No one can own the beach or restrict access to it.
The land ownership by both local and foreign citizens in Costa Rica is protected by the country’s constitution and laws. Anyone regardless of race can gain ownership of a private land provided that there are no restrictions imposed on such. Restrictions will be made if that particular land must be acquired by the government for its programs. These particular lands may be sold to Costa Ricans and may not be acquired by foreigners until a certain time period has lapsed.

visit Costa ricaProperty prices in Costa Rica real estate is rising. Investors that purchased a $30,000 property 15 years ago, now find their property is worth as much as $750,000. The prices have dramatically increased as Costa Rica has attracted more foreign buyers and tourists every year.

In the end I would suggest to everyone having capital in hand to invest in Costa Rica real estate. It would be helpful in future for achieving business goals and high out return.

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