Thursday, April 5, 2012

Top Tips for Buying Costa Rica Real Estate

Costa Rica Real Estate TrendsBasically Costa Rica is separated into seven provinces, San Jose, Heredia, Cartago, Alajuela, Limon, Puntarenas and Guanacaste. The first four are known as the excellent urban place and around 60 % of all Costa Rica inhabitants live in this part of the nation.

There is no doubt that the impact of financial crises in United States and Now in Europe has had the direct adverse impact on the Costa Rican Real Estate market. The majority of purchasers and developers of Costa Rican Real Estate during the boom years came from United Estate.

Costa Rica Real EstateCosta Rica is being marketed by the media in the states as the place for boomer retirement and now the spot in the world of real estate and due to its beauty, natural scenes, its democratic government and life style, it become more popular around the world.

Below are the some facts and tips for buying Costa Rica Real Estate,

Make sure you know the real value of the property.

·         Make sure you know the real value of the property.

·         Do not assume the seller or broker is trustworthy just because they speak English. This is a common pitfall.

·         Make sure the property you are about to purchase in not part of a nation park or is subject to restricted use. There are areas near Dominical, for example, that abut a rain forest where it is forbidden to cut any trees.

·         If you purchase raw land, be sure to get a soil sample and hire an engineer, especially if your lot has been cut out of a hillside. We know of one man who built a million dollar home on a bluff overlooking the beach. About a year later he had to spend $100, 000 to build a retaining wall because the rain started to undermine his lot.

·         If you buy in a remote region make sure you can bring electricity to the land. This can be expensive. Also check to see if the water supply is good in the area.

·         Do not rely on a verbal contract if you decide to make an offer. Get everything in writing.

·         Check out your neighbors. There is nothing worse than buying property and finding out later you had bad neighbors.

·         If buying in the city or near a major street check the noise level. Make sure there are no dancehalls, bars, rowdy neighbors or noisy buses.
·         If buying in the city it is extremely important to be familiar with the neighborhood where you decide to buy. Make sure you are not buying in a crime-ridden area. There are a few areas in the San José where you would not like to live. A good broker and doing your homework can help you avoid this disaster.

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  2. This place in Costa Rica is very relaxing. How I wish I can buy a properties there and live there forever. Thanks for the tips it is really helpful and I really appreciate it.

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