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Real Estate Property Management

Anyone who enjoys selling real estate also enjoys 
having a brokerage. With several agents split their commissions with you, your own brokerage makes it easier to ride fluctuations in the market, an attractive benefits brokerage ownership. Of course, a broker can be found on supervisory duties that you do not have an agent, and you have to bear the expense for an office. But if you enjoy mentoring and have cash-flow management skills, the rewards can be great, mentally and financially.

Property Management in Costa Rica is a vital aspect of property ownership if you are an absentee owner. There are three distinct elements of Property Management that a good Property Management Company should be able to offer its clients and perform efficiently. Which includes?
  • Owner Property Management
  • Owner Rental Management
  • Association Management
The Owner Property Management is for the folks who decide to own a property in Costa Rica and live somewhere else in the world. The need for a Costa Rica property management Company to oversee your Costa Rica property is an essential component in that ownership.

There are different types of property managements which include:

Residential or Apartment Property Management:
Real Estate Property
A Residential Property Manager will manage single family homes or a 1 unit property whether it be in a neighborhood, community or condominium association. They may also manage duplexes to large multi-unit or apartment buildings.

Vacation Rental Management:

If you own a property in a popular vacation destination and want to rent it out on a nightly or short term lease you may consider using a Vacation Property Manager. These management companies specialize in managing vacation rentals and know the in's and out's of this type of business.

Commercial Property Management:

A Commercial Property Management company will likely manage all types of retail and office space. This could include shopping and strip malls, warehouses, manufacturing, office building, parking facilities and hotels. If your property use is for anything other than residential housing, chances are it would fall in the commercial management category.

Community Association Management:

If you are looking for a management company to oversee all aspects of the management of a community association as a whole, then look no further. You are in need of a Community Association Management company. They will take care of all maintenance, financials, enforcement of community rules etc.. for the whole community.

Costa rica Rea EstateWhatever you decide your goals are with property management it is important for you to understand what those goals mean, so you can make the best decisions from beginning to end.

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