Thursday, February 23, 2012

Costa Rica Real Estate Market Trends

Costa Rica Real EstateCosta Rica is situated in Central America to just south of Nicaragua and north of Panama. This area possesses some of the beautiful beaches, wildlife, waterfalls, rain forests and numerous thundering rivers, and excellent lakes for windsurfing and boating.
Costa Rica Real Estates are the private companies’ deal in all types of real estate business in Costa Rica like selling and purchasing of property, rent out a property and many other options. Within a last few years Costa Rica real estate has turned into a profitable real estate business. American’s CIA declared it is among the top 5 best real estate investments. So people start investing their money here for better out return and to get huge profit on investment. In fact Costa Rica is a 'Central American success story', and the government of this country is keen to expand on the country's success and have announced the implementation of a seven year plan for the economic expansion of the country.
Why someone invest in Costa Rica? The answer lies in the fact that it is the most safe and beautiful part of the Central America having very low crime rate as compared to other countries of United States. Similarly the tax rates, investment terms and conditions and other property ownership laws are also very lenient and easy to follow.  Costa Rica land investment has seen average gains of 30% per year for 10 years and many investors in the right location have doubled or tripled their investments quickly and continue to do so.
Costa Rica recently signed Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), so investments in the business sector are likely to increase. Most Costa Rica real estate is registered with the Public Registry through a computer system known as the Folio Real. Investors should perform a title search in the Folio Real before considering any property purchase. The title search can also be done at the Public Registry office in San Jose (Capital of Costa Rica).  Different websites and blogs of Costa Ricareal estate are also live on internet  where many buyers and sellers from all over the world communicate with each other and real estate agencies guides them properly about all the issues and give them information regarding investment in this area.
Costa Rica real estate agencies also deal in commercial real estate business here in Costa Rica. Many groups of people combined together and made a huge investment in commercial projects. Mainly there are two areas for investment. One is wild life refuge and other is hot spring resorts. I would suggest you if you have a handsome amount of money and you want to invest it in a business then make up your mind and invest in Costa Rica realestate

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